Transforming the college application
The Problem

ZeeMee came to us with a concept, PSD's, and a spreadsheet full of user stories. They wanted to transform the way high school students are reviewed in the college application process.

The Persona

Sam, High School Senior. Sam will be applying to colleges in the fall and isn't sure how to comunicate everything about her in a series of essays. She volunteers at the animal shelter, has a 3.5 GPA, and has been on the dance team for the last 3 years. What can she do to make herself standout against all of the other college applicants?

Heath, Director of Admissions at TCU. The fall and winter semisters are jam packed for Heath. TCU receives close to 19,000+ applications per year. On average each applicant is reviewed in 2-3 minutes.

The Solution
  • Partner with colleges
  • Focus on nailing portfolios as the core value proposition
  • Responsive design
  • Research what students find "most intimidating" about the college application process and make it more approachable
  • Research what college admissions officers look for in stand-out applicants and make it more accessible
Key Takeaways

Through a series of workshops we were able to hone our focus for the initial engagement on nailing student portfolios. We wanted to make them easy enough to create from any device and also flexible enough to support any story.

Students are now able to create multi-media portfolios that showcase their personality and activities in a way that admissions reps are able to review in a short amount of time. We ended up building a very simple application that supported a single goal. ZeeMee was able to take this initial MVP and raise two more rounds of funding against it. They now have a team of 15 employees working in Silicon Valley.