Cowgirl Creamery

Artisanal Premium Cheese
The Problem

Cowgirl Creamery previously operated on a 30 year old order fulfillment system called, Mail Order Manager. The system could only be accessed on 2 computers in the office and requried admins to read the "MoM Bible" to operate.

From the customer perspective; they were the most frustrated when they were unable to login to their account, reset their password, or recall order history from previous orders.

The Persona

Tammy, the Admin. Tammy is a part-time employee at Cowgirl Creamery and a full-time mom. She works from 7-3 Monday - Thursday, and full-time during the holidays when Cowgirl gets the bulk of their business. Tammy hates the MoM system and uses what she calls "hacks" to make the system work for her.

Sheryl, the Customer. Sheryl has been ordering Cowgirl 3-month club boxes for her friends and family for the last 3 years. As much as she loves the company, she finds it very frustrating that she is constantly having to track down the same addresses and billing information for the order she has placed 3 years in a row.

The Solution
  • Week-by-week fulfillment tracking
  • Club membership monitoring and editing
  • Ability to pre-process orders on busy weeks
  • Combining invoices, with shipping labels, and marketing materials to reduce time spent by admins
Key Takeaways

Both the customer and admin are non-technical. 40% of orders received during the holidays are phone orders from their holiday catalog. It was very important that the admin order placement flow was just as simple as the customer placement flow.

We decided to launch 2 months into the project to test the performance and flow of the new site. We learned that launching early and launching often are the best ways to prioritize both customer and admin needs. By the time the holidays rolled around, admins were fully trained and confident they could handle the 10x rush of orders.