Astrology Dating App (LA, SF, & NYC)
The Problem

The co-founders of Align are on a mission to disrupt the mobile dating scene. Align, is part witty-content and part soulmate-discovery. The biggest challenge we identified early on, was getting a enough users on the platform, to make the matches useful.

The Persona

Katilin, avid mobile dater. Kaitlin is 27/Female, Gemini. She is sick of using apps like Tindr and Bumble because people on those platforms are only looking to hook-up. Kaitlin wants to find someone she is compatible with, beyond a one-night stand. She doesn't follow astrology too closely, but is always curious to know which signs she is most compatible with.

The Solution
  • Learn basic information (birthdate and location) about the user
  • Generate a list of compatible options
  • Connect users who are mutually interested in one another
Key Takeaways

This was an extremely fun project to be a part of. In hindsight, I would have built the app as an Invision prototype, and ruthlessly tested it with potential users. This would have helped us empathize and address any potential hestitaions users have around using dating apps.

Because we knew we needed enough users to make the platform work, I believe this got in the way of creating a true MVP. We were more focused on making the app beautiful and less focused on listening to the market.