Age of Eon

StitchFix for Sustainable Fashion
  • Role: Product, UX design, frontend development
  • Duration: October 2016 (4-weeks)
  • Visit: ageofeon.com
  • Company: Philosophie
The Problem

Today, fashion is the #2 most polluting industry in the world. Age of Eon Founder, Natasha Franck, set out to reduce the amount of clothes that end up in our landfills, by creating a high-end, sustainable, subscription box.

The Ask

Our goal was to create a subscription service for high-end fashion. Users should be able to request an invite, select an item of clothing, and subscribe for a low monthly fee of $45. We need to be able to track each item that has been requested and where it is at in the in the subscription cycle.

The Personas

Meet Emilie. Emilie is 27 and lives in NYC. She works full-time and is constantly frustrated by her closet. She cares about living a more sustainable life, but wishes there was a way for her to make a bigger impact without having to modify her routine. Her favorite clothing brands are Reformation, Rag & Bone, and Vince.

The Solution

In 4 short weeks we created a mobile first solution that gives Emilie the opportunity to subscribe to the fashion she cares about. Age of Eon is constantly updating their inventory with new brands and Emilie has the option to view, rent, and return any item for as long as she wants. Admins have the ability to track item requests, fulfill the orders, and mark items as returned.