Adventures in Wonderland

VIP Experiences for Super Fans
The Problem

Adventures in Wonderland (AiW) previously operated on Volusion, an off-the-shelf ecommerce platform. Admins spent countless hours configuring tour details for big sale dates, and even more time managing inventory and incoming orders. AiW approached Philosophie to create an easier, less time-intensive process for their admins.

The Persona

Tori, the Admin. 22/Female, wants to work in the music industry, fluent in English and Spanish, hates computers.

Tori's Pain Points:

  • Tori loves working the doors at shows, but fans can be mean if their online order gets screwed up.
  • With all of the different packages offerings, tours can take 3-4 days to set up.
  • Dealing with finances and accounting is complicated, she dreads the day when she has to settle tours at the end of the month.
The Solution
  • Complete site rebuild for admins and customers
  • Templatized tour packages that can be enabled per tour date.
  • Set inventory on a per package basis.
  • Reduce the admins involvement with monthly billing, by working closely with accounting to configure reporting to their needs.
Key Takeaways

Co-location and face-to-face interaction is the best way to accomplish ambitious goals. When we weren't able to meet in person, screen-share was essential. I would have admins or accountants walk me through their current process and explain why they needed certain information.

Once we understood what the needs were, we were able to adapt the product to their workflow. Now admins can set up a tour and report monthly finances in 2-3 hours instead of 3-4 days.